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Penne in a rich cherry tomatoes
sauce with fried aubergines.
salted ricotta cheese and basil

Creamy zucchini sauce with king Prawns 

Gnocchi in a homemade basil pesto
and pine nuts.

Rigatoni in tomato sauce, onion, pan-
cetta and black pepper.

Risotto in a rich wine sauce with
cherry tomatoes, clams mussels, squid, king prawns and a touch of cherry tomato 

Risotto in a white wine sauce,King Prawns, asparagus and
Pistachio pesto

Linguine pasta with Octopus, king
sauce of white wine, prawns, cherry tomato.

Homemade Pappardelle in demi-glas-
se sauce with mushrooms, onions,
sweet peppers and fillet steak.

Carbonara sauce, in rich of, beaten egg, cream, parmesan, parsley, smocked bacon lardons & mushrooms


Allergens, contains: Wheat, egg, milk

Penne in rich of cream sauce, mushrooms, white wine & parsley 

Allergens, contains: Wheat, Milk, Mustard, 

A classic recipe from Nothern Bologna. Ingredients: Tomatoes, mincemeat, red wine, carrots, onions and penne pasta.

Allergens, contains:  W

Authentic Sicilian Style Penne pasta Rich in Pistachio creamy sauce, Smoked bacon, Parmesan, black pepper 

Allergens, contains: Milk, Nuts.